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Premium Emu Soap WHITE GODDESS

5 whitening actives + micro peeling effect + emu oil that will surely lighten skin

One of our best seller soap, White Goddess has the perfect combination to flawless skin complexion. White Goddess 5 whitening actives exclusive formula has micro peeling effect to take out rough dead skin to reveal healthy beautiful skin. 
Emu Oil's amazing skin absorption properties and essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 & 9 plus bengkoang's skin lightening botanical, transform skin from blemished, uneven skin tone to brighter... clearer... translucent one. 

Absynthe Premium Emu soaps are made in small batches, handcrafted, no harsh chemical detergents, no petrochemical and are super fatted for skin softening. 
Our exclusive soap formula never contain hydroquinone, never contain pretoleum by- products or commonly known as mineral oil. 

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